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17 Jun 2015

How to Install Magento on Localhost Like XAMPP

This step-by-step tutorial will help you install Magento quickly and easily on localhost. When you install XAMPP – mak...

16 Jun 2015

Magento Admin area charts powered by Google Charts

Just an interesting note: The charts that you see on the dashboard in the Magento Admin area are powered by Google's Chart AP...

11 Jun 2015

General Module Structure in Magento 2.0

In order to understand how a module works we need to find out how basic components like controller, model, block and view int...

05 Jun 2015

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog

It's fun to have your own personal web blogs. Blogs are web logs. You have the ability to make them your own personal web spa...

21 Aug 2014

Magento U Class Recap: Managing Your Magento Store

Managing Your Magento Store is a course that is helpful to anyone involved in the planning, orchestration, and day-to-day man...


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