12 Jun 2021

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Website Ready for PHP 7.4

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Website Ready for PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 is the most recent minor PHP upgrade. As with each version, new features have been added, and some changes have been made. PHP 7.4 includes several enhancements that might help you optimize your web pages and improve the user experience.

Anyway, today we will go through some of the most exciting additions and changes that PHP 7.4 will bring.

What’s New in PHP 7.4?

The majority of the changes can be made without compromising the functionality of your site. However, some modifications may have an impact on your existing framework. You can see if your codebase is affected by this list of backward-incompatible modifications.

1. Arrow Functions                         

Arrow functions, often known as “short closures,” allow you to write single-line functions. The new syntax improves the language significantly, allowing us to write more understandable and manageable code. The web development process will run faster as a result of your ability to write neater, shorter code, helping you to save time.

2. Preloading

This new feature aims to improve PHP 7.4 performance. The server can load the requested code files into shared memory via preloading. When a request reaches the server, it can now access sections of the codebase that were already loaded in memory without incurring any additional effort.

3. Typed Properties

You can assign a type to all class properties using typed properties. When a type is specified, the PHP engine prevents the class property from being set to a different type. PHP developers can use typed properties, such as arrow functions, to make their code shorter and cleaner.

4. Weak References

The Weak Reference method in PHP 7.4 allows web developers to save a link to an object that does not prevent it from being destroyed. They can more easily implement cache-like structures due to this capability.

Numerous new PHP capabilities significantly improve PHP 7.4 performance by reducing memory usage. You will be able to avoid some of this programming language’s past constraints, write cleaner code, and construct web solutions faster.

Prepare for PHP 7.4 Migration

If you are still running in lower versions of PHP, now is the time to consider upgrading to PHP 7.4. You can test the latest PHP version this way before updating your real website. Let’s have a look at a few recommendations for preparing for the PHP 7.4 transition.

To figure out what you’ll need to do before updating, it’s important to know what PHP version you’re running. The phpinfo() function, which prints different information about the PHP server, including its version, is the most trustworthy approach to find out what version of PHP is used for that specific website.

To test compatibility, use a tool like PHP Compatibility Checker. You can use this tool to test your website with a different PHP version. Once you install, activate, and use this plugin, it will alert you if any compatibility issues need to be solved before upgrading.

Web hosting companies will begin upgrading sites that use older PHP versions to the new standard version, which removes all security and support from the server. So, switching to a hosting company that handles PHP conversion is one of the most efficient ways to prepare.

Well, you’re all set for the upcoming migration, which will make your website safer and faster. If you require any additional information or assistance, please contact us. We can help you resolve this problem as the top web development company in Kochi.


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