30 Aug 2021

Kerala Handloom & Handcrafted Collections are Now Just a Click Away!

Kerala Handloom & Handcrafted Collections are Now Just a Click Away!

Graamyam, is one of the leading online shopping platforms for handcrafted products, ensures the sustainability of handicrafts by helping Kerala’s village craftsmen. They have a unique and wider collection of handcrafted home decor, kitchenware, and handloom clothing products which are made of 100% organic materials.

They already have an e-commerce website that was not up-to-date with the current version, and they are unsatisfied with the design, which does not fully reflect their brand and theme. Graamyam is the brand behind the company Puthussery Projects Pvt. Ltd. The management team of Graamyam was looking for a digital agency that could assist them in establishing a strong web presence. They want to establish their brand not just for e-commerce, but also to express and strengthen their commitment to supporting local artists in our communities.

We thoroughly comprehended the client’s demands and requirements after detailed one-to-one discussions. Our development team produced a remarkable website that conveys their message and explains their unique idea to the user right away. It has a traditional appearance, includes natural photos, and relies on its own photographs to achieve this style.

After completing the website design and development, the client was extremely happy with it, as it accurately expressed their thoughts. They needed an organic and social media presence to communicate their concepts to potential customers. We suggested doing digital marketing to improve the brand’s online visibility. They chose us to do so since we have a deep understanding of the brand and its business model; as a result, we are currently continuing to work with Graamyam on its digital marketing promotions.

eWoke, as the leading Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi, Kerala, we are here to create your ideal website that accurately communicates your concepts to potential clients while also enhancing your online visibility.

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