23 Sep 2021

What is the Future of Search Engine Optimization Beyond 2021?

What is the Future of Search Engine Optimization Beyond 2021?

Search Engine optimization is getting updated day by day. It is pretty sure that it will not get eliminated within 5 years. Also, it is a great method to improve your brand’s online visibility and conversions.

As people blindly believe what Google suggests, it’s wise to take effort on SEO as soon as possible. If we follow traditional approaches of SEO rather than updating, we may go down in this competitive platform of Google. Therefore, it’s pretty good to consult the best SEO agency in Kochi for more updated measures.

Here are some future trends that would play a fuel role in SEO ranking, and let’s see how important these approaches are beyond 2021.


TF*IDF stands for “Term Frequency times Inverse Document Frequency”. This counts the number of times you use a particular term on a page. TF*IDF also gives some suggestions regarding the optimizations which you can make use of. Content with more TF*IDF weight tends to have a high ranking in Google.

Focusing More on Mobile SEO Rather than Desktop SEO

Traditional SEO is more focused on desktop SEO because people rarely keep smartphones individually in the past years. But now every individual owns their touch phones personally, and desktops are used less compared to mobiles. Therefore, optimizing for mobile is crucial in the coming years.

Including More Non-Text Contents

Non-text content factors include images, Infographics, Graphs, Charts, Videos, Audio clips, Animations, Slideshows, Downloadable files such as PDFs, etc. Including these eye-catching contents could help in increasing the traffic and ranking. This is because people find it disgusting to read the statements and interesting to see the visuals.

Optimize by Giving More Priority to Voice Search

It’s crucial to make changes to your SEO for voice searches. This is because nowadays people are more interested in effortless activities, even in the case of chats; people find it easy to send their voices rather than texting. Thus, voice searches are getting dominant rather than search queries. People communicate with Google as they do with their close ones. So, give importance to terms such as what, why, how, when, etc.

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Approach

Other digital channels, such as social media, paid media and advertising, PR, and offline marketing, are becoming more intertwined. All of these factors are working together to improve the visibility of your website in Google.

Topic Targeting

Keywords are becoming the least priority of Google because it is more focused on topic modeling. Topic modeling is a machine learning technique. It helps in scanning a set of documents, words, phrases, etc, and discovers the abstract topic from a collection of documents.

SEO approaches are getting updated day by day. We must be alert with the new technologies of SEO and its future in order to boost our site ranking. For bidding more techniques and approaches of optimization on to your website reach us at +91 907 238 2964.

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