26 Nov 2018

WordPress 5.0 is Coming….!!!

WordPress 5.0 is Coming….!!!

No matter how recently you updated your website, it may soon be time to for a rebuild. If you’re one of the 75 million websites that use the WordPress platform, a huge update to the platform is coming that will require some site updates, if not many. The upcoming launch of WordPress 5.0 will be an opportunity for business owners to give their sites updates that enhance their performance and to improve their digital marketing efforts.

The release date for WordPress 5.0 is quickly approaching. If you ignored all the other updates this year, now’s the time to buckle down and take notice as this will be the biggest update for 2018 (possibly 2019). WordPress is completely revamping how users and developers use the CMS with their new Gutenberg editor. It’s now all about blocks.

WordPress 5.0 is different. Rather than adding minor improvements here and there, this release is entirely focused on the following two things:

1. The new Gutenberg WordPress Editor
2. Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme

Other than that, minor changes and bug fixes are only being looked at on a case-by-case basis. In reality, it’s all about Gutenberg.

Even though WordPress 5.0 isn’t out yet, it’s essentially made up of the Gutenberg plugin which you can install right now and start testing.

Website owners will need to switch to the latest build of WordPress as soon as possible, since it will be the version that will gets updated and future plugins will require the latest version of WordPress. App developers will also need to make sure that their plugins are compatible with the new 5.0 architecture.

Be sure to update your current site to 4.9.8 and give the Gutenberg editor a try by downloading the plugin. More information about WordPress 5.0 will be coming out in the future, but stay tuned for more articles about this major change for many websites.

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