03 Oct 2020

Why Web Design Matters?

Why Web Design Matters?

A website is the heart of your online presence. Investing time and effort in building a website will engage and delight customers.  Whether consciously or not, all react to visuals, and people are naturally drawn to good design. When it comes to website design, users quickly judge a business based on visuals alone, and will often stop using the website if it’s poorly designed.  Hence it is important to have a beautifully designed website for every business.

Here are few phrases on how website design matters on the growth of a business:

1. Make An Impression Through Website Design

When someone finds your business for the first time, you want to set first a good impression. Your audience’s first impression can have a lasting impact on how they perceive your business. When it comes to your website, the majority of first impressions come from your website’s design. If you wish to make a positive impact with your web design, create a visually appealing website that attracts your audience’s eye.

2. Website Credibility Comes From Design

75% of website credibility comes from design. With so many scams running around the web, a poorly designed website can make you look like you’re not trustworthy. So, if you aren’t investing time, money, and effort into building a beautifully designed site, you’re going to lose credibility and trust with your audience, resulting in a great loss in sales. Creating a high-quality & well-designed website can increase credibility & trust.

3. Maintain A Good User Experience

Not only you need to worry about setting a positive first impression but also need to maintain that positivity, as users continue to browse on your site. If users can’t correctly browse your website and find information, they won’t stick around and may jump into the competitors’ website.

4. Stand Out From Competitors

At least 73% of companies invest in design, from product to website design, so they can differentiate themselves from their online competitors. When you’re competing with dozens of companies on the web, you need to give your website a unique touch to help you stand out.

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