23 Jun 2015

Setting up multiple websites or stores with Magento

There are many tutorials how Magento set to work with several branches in different domains and save at any point. Since the release of Magento and Magento beta1 CE EE to do it just yet.

Magento evolves

Solutions used in earlier versions require developers to change index.php file to show different areas to be treated in different stores. New index php contains the following code:

$ MageRunCode = isset ($  _SERVER ['MAGE_RUN_CODE'])? $ _SERVER  ['MAGE_RUN_CODE']:'';
$ MageRunType = isset ($  _SERVER ['MAGE_RUN_TYPE'])? $ _SERVER  ['MAGE_RUN_TYPE']: 'Save';
Mage:: run ($  mageRunCode, mageRunType $);

Shall examine two environmental projects variables and use them to start runing Magento. What does it mean to you? You can now save for the website / run directly under the selected domain in the virtual host definition, or even to htaccess.

VirtualHost solution

To enjoy this little piece of code is enough to add the following lines to your VirtualHost definition:

SetEnv MAGE_RUN_CODE base  "" # this is your site or store code
SetEnv MAGE_RUN_TYPE  "Website" # you set this website "or" store "

.htaccess solution

If you do not have access to virtual host definitions, you can still try to use. Htaccess for this by the following lines:

SetEnvIf Host .* .*  yourhost MAGE_RUN_CODE = "base";
SetEnvIf Host .* .*  yourhost MAGE_RUN_TYPE = "Website";

Where yourhost .* .* is a regex expression matching the domain for which you want environment variable.

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