18 Jun 2015

Magento : Solved Internal Server Error (500 error)

Today we will find out a solution troubleshooting Internal Server Error with Magento Store in any case for any reason. Some people may have this problem with their fresh Magento Installation or a Custom Magento Store or even it was running fine for a long time and suddenly you meet this issue. Sometime, this error is not visible and it just affect and make some Magento feature not working, for example this error just can be seen with Web Developer by tracking Ajax request and response. So here are a few possible reason

Htaccess file which is located at Magento root folder. It will be this case if you meet Internal Server Error on every page. Try to remove it for testing purpose
If your website was running file for a long time, then it must be a change at Server side, just submit a ticket to Hosting Company. The reason might be default permission on some hosting. Some hosting doesn’t allow high permission on folder, some need to grant correct permission on running script. For most cases I meet, you need to set permission 755 for index.php at Magento root

  • Code Exception. Okay if you are not technical person, then there is no much thing you can do. Here are some ways you can try before need support from Magento experts
  • Download magento-check.php script in order to validate basic requirement of your hosting.
  • Run magento-clean tool to see if it solve your problem
  • Custom code/module conflict. OK, so if you have tried all way above and they don’t help. You may want to play around it. Here is my advise
  • Turn on Developer Mode

If you look in the Magento bootstrap file (index.php) you will see lines similar to the following

#ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Uncomment these. In a production system, you’d never want to have your errors display to the browser, but while developing having an errors and warnings thrown immediately in your face is invaluable.

This way, you will see the actually problem which lead to the Internal Error Server. In almost cases, the reason is that there is an exception throw after output is sent to browser.

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