15 Jan 2021

How to Choose a Best Web Hosting Service

How to Choose a Best Web Hosting Service

When you plan to start a new website, you need to find best web hosting company that will provide you a server space for your website. They make your website live on the internet, so users can easily access it.

Let’s take a quick view at what web hosting companies are doing.

What Does a Web Hosting Provider Do?

They provide you three main things for your website.

Domain – This name is the website address that people type to enter your website in the browser URL bar. Example: www.xyz.com.
If the domain name is already chosen by someone, they will let you know.

Server – It is the computer on the internet that hosts your website. It connects all the links from other web users to your site from anywhere.

Storage Space – If your website having images, texts, codes, videos and other files the hosting provider gives you storage space so, you can store them safely.

To enable these services in proper, you have to choose proper hosting provider too. Too many technical terms, might confuse you so, you have to aware of main terms.

1) Server Types

Shared Server, the cheapest option for hosting. Your site’s output depends on the load imposed on the host by all the other pages. You should not opt for this form if your website gets a lot of traffic. Due to limit resources, the amount of traffic cannot be supported because the website is on a shared server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting is an isolated one and expensive. But it can handle significant amount of traffic that comes to your website.

If you do not want to share output with other pages, consider a Dedicated Server, a physical box that is leased to you. Only those with experience in system administration need to apply.

2) SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate encrypts your website, so nobody can hack your website and abstract customer data.

Some benefits:

1. Protect the data of you and your users
2. Increase your search engine ranking and brand value
3. Secure shopping and payments
4. Showing your users you are trust-worthy (your domain name will start with an ‘https:\\’ instead of the regular ‘http:\\’)

3) Other Resources that You Need

1. Disk Space — this is depends on how much media files are in your website.

2. Bandwidth & Traffic — depends on how much traffic comes to your website. If you receive more visitors and hits, you have to increase your bandwidth.
3. Professional Mail IDs — this depends on how many employees need this kind of technical email within your organization.

4. Unlimited Plans — some hosting providers offer free space, bandwidth, storage for a certain period. You have to check with them whether they are truly unlimited.

5. Payment — another significant aspect is cost efficiency. Find out if there are any hidden charges for renewals and improvements.

6. Customer Support — you may run into some technical issues after hosting your website. Ensure the web hosting provider you select have expert supporting staffs those who are able to rectify problems and solutions quickly.

7. Reliability — your web hosting company can ensure at all times that your website is live on the internet. Protection precautions against hackers should also be taken by your web hosting company to keep your website secure on their servers.

It’s not that hard to select a web hosting service. All you have to do is ensure that you understand your needs and convey it to them.

Have you found your perfect provider of web hosting yet? Do you have any additional questions and doubts?

Let us know your needs here.

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