06 Oct 2017



Open source projects have already proven to follow through on their promises and over time we have seen open source software, including open source ecommerce platforms, grow to become some of the most widely used in their selective categories because of many reasons. This stems from the initial promises set out by the formation of Open Source. Now a days Open source ecommerce platforms are becoming the norm for creating online shopping sites and we are one of the top Ecommerce Development Company in India.

People always like choices, and they like choices with no strings attached. People have grown accustomed to having the freedom to choose the option that works best for them.

Top 5 reasons that some one choose an open source platform to build the ecommerce are:

1. For Avoiding the vendor lock
Vendor lock is a major reason why companies choose open source ecommerce platforms rather than proprietary ones. Development is conducted through peer reviewed updates and additions. It is more democratic in nature than proprietary development. Because of this, open source projects can live on forever. Their development and continuous improvements are not controlled by a single entity.

2. Quality of the product

The quality of an open sources ecommerce system is already proven and used by 100’s of online shop over the world. You may always build a high quality error free ecommerce system choosing a well known platform with help of a quality ecommerce service provider around the world.

3. Flexibility to choose

By not being confined to a budget or platform provider, open source provides added flexibility for organizations in terms of choice. They can choose any open source ecommerce platform and combine it with the additional services and platforms they need. Because vendor lock has been eliminated, the ecommerce firm can choose any vendor or service provider they desire.

4. Reliability

Ecommerce companies gain reliability in their systems by choosing wisely. Choosing a well maintained or mature open source ecommerce platform ensures that it is reliable. Because open source platforms are peer reviewed, they often become more reliable than their proprietary counterparts.

5. The Rise of Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

There is a growing trend to opt for open source products rather than proprietary ones. This holds true for individuals, companies, and even governments. Entire nations and large enterprises are choosing to use open source to power their systems. Open source ecommerce platforms power much of today’s online business.

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